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Creative Summer Ideas For Your Yard

Summer is the best time to get out in the yard and complete a couple of fun projects. Since we’re spending more time outside, it’s nice to have something decorative to look at. We’ve found a couple of projects that will spruce up your outdoor space. From lighting ideas to garden tips, you’ll add something fun, creative and green to your yard this summer.

Dollar Store Clay Pot Lantern

This simple DIY project only costs about $5 and takes just a few minutes to make. Pick up a clay pot, chain, wire, LED light and hook from the dollar store. Wrap the chain around the LED light with the wire. Place the light inside of the pot and pull the chain through the drain hole in the pot. Hang the chain on the hook that you’ve attached to your fence. Voila! You have a beautiful lighting addition to your yard. Not every summer project needs to take the entire summer! 

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Seashore Wind Chimes

Looking for a project to use up with those old seashells that you’ve been collecting for years? All you need for this project is some old seashells, beads, buttons, a piece of drift wood, string and a thin rope. Thread the string through holes in the seashells. Tie knots where you need to to keep the shells in place. Scatter buttons and beads throughout the seashells to create a varied look. Make about five strings and attach them to the drift wood. Attach the thin rope to the drift wood and hang it outside. You’ll get a beautiful, natural sound from these wind chimes. And it adds some personality to your yard with leftover scraps you had lying around the house. 

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DIY Vertical Planter

If you’re low on garden space, this project is perfect for you! Make this vertical planter with a few simple things: 5 pots (14in, 12in, 10in, 8.25in, 6 in), a 14in base, potting soil, flowers or herbs and a wooden stake or rod. Fill the largest pot about 3/4 of the way with potting soil and place the rod in the middle of the pot. Plant your choice of flowers or herbs on the outermost edge. Then place the second largest pot over the rod and onto the first pot. You want the inner pots to sit a couple of inches inside the outer pots. Continue this process until you’ve used all five pots. Use herbs and flowers to create a beautiful and functional garden piece. 

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The Pot Wreath

This project takes a little more dedication, but the final product is unique and charming. You’ll need a wire frame, pots, 16 gauge wire, wire cutters, gloves and succulents to plant in some of the pots. Use your creativity to decide where to place your pots and which ones to plant succulents in. You can also paint some of the pots or leave them plain to get a worn, rustic look. A good tip is to collect these pots from yard sales, so you truly get the worn look. String the wire through the drain hole of the pot and around the wire frame to attach the pots to the frame. After you have created your frame, plant succulents in a few of the pots. The wreath will be heavy, but it’s a great addition to any outdoor space for the summer. 

garden 4

Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden

We’ve found the perfect project to use up those old tin cans you have lying around! Remove the labels from your tin cans and punch holes in the bottom for drainage. Spray paint the cans whatever color you are feeling. Paint the outside and the inside. Once the paint is dry, use screws to attach the cans to the fence. You can attach them in any design you like! Fill the cans about halfway with soil and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. You now have a beautiful piece of artwork in your backyard for the summer.  

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At American Empire Garage Doors, we know just how fun a simple summer project can be. Take one of the ideas above and have some fun with the family. Get outside and enjoy the summer months, they will be over before you know it!

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