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American Empire Garage Door has over 35 years of experience in providing garage door repair services to Orange County’s resident homeowners, property management companies, and out-of-state property owners since 1969. There’s no problem that we haven’t seen before or can’t handle, and in most cases, we can provide same day service.

At American Empire Garage Door, Our Passion is Your 100% Satisfaction. We have built our reputation one happy customer at a time, and offer a 1 year warranty on labor and 3 year warranty on all parts.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken garage door springs are among the most common maintenance problems experienced by homeowners today. One telltale sign that a garage door spring has broken is the definite separation in the coils. Springs break due to fatigue, so it’s not a matter of if they will break, but a matter of when. Most garage door springs are rated for 10,000 open-close cycles, typically lasting anywhere from 5 to 8 years, depending on frequency of use. We at American Empire pride ourselves on installing the highest quality, galvanized torsion springs backed by a 3 year warranty.

Garage Door Cable Repair

The second most common garage door problem is when one of the cables jumps off a drum, causing the door to come down crooked and bind on the way down. This is usually caused by weakened springs, as springs do lose their tension over time. In this situation, garage door openers pull the door further up than the springs would if the opener weren’t connected. This results in slack being created, causing the cable to jump off the drum. If this is the problem, we recommend the springs be replaced and the cables be inspected. Garage door cables carry the full weight of the door and should be replaced if they show any signs of fraying. A frayed or worn cable can break and cause the door to slam down dangerously. The door can come out of the tracks causing damage to people and property.

Garage Door Section Repair

Complete section replacement is a better choice if the door has not been discontinued and the manufacturer can be identified. American Empire can replace sections from the following discontinued manufacturers: Millenium Garage Door, Marathon Garage Door, and Doortech Industries. If more than 2 sections are damaged, it is usually cheaper to replace the whole door because of manufacturer pricing structures and the minimal extra labor it takes.


If any of these issues sound familiar to you, give our garage door repair experts a call at (949) 498-8783!

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