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Turn Your Garage Into A Man Cave

Caves are cool, right? We all love them – lava caves, ice caves, “The Bat Cave”! And the coolest cave of all – the man cave. One of the most treasured parts of the house, where neither women nor children shall pass. The walls are covered in sports memorabilia, wild animal mounts, pictures of dudes doing cool things, mega screen TVs and blow-your-ears-off surround sound. Not to mention, the bottomless kegerators and cool leather couches that are staples in the perfect man cave. Have we just about covered it all? Oh wait, one more thing, the sign on the door must read MAN CAVE!!! Below is a step-by-step guide to convert your garage into the perfect man cave, that you have always dreamed about.

Step 1: Find your inspiration. Tucked back in your imagination is a perfectly constructed man cave just for you. The greatest fact is that you already have an empty room to do with what you want. The major things like insulation, plumbing and electrical (for the most part) are already taken care of.

Step 2: Use your hobbies. What do you like? Sports, outdoors, golfing, hunting, NFL, eating, the list could go on and on. Choose your top 4 or 5 hobbies to help you determine your man cave theme. Decor ideas will really help bring your man cave theme to life.

Step 3: Clean out the garage. Determine what can stay and what needs to go. Keep anything that will contribute to your overall man cave theme. Donate anything that you decide to get rid of to your local shelter.

Step 4: Create a plan. What does the flooring, siding and celling look like? Determine where you’ll want extra light, sockets, a door or a sink. Create a floor plan, down to the nuts and bolts.

Step 5: Do the work! Complete the tasks you mapped out, including lighting, plumbing, painting and flooring. This step takes the most work, but it’s also the one you’ll be the most proud of if you take your time and do the work right.

Step 6: Decorate! It’s time to move the couch in, mount the big screen TV and hang the pool table pictures. This is a key step. Placing your decor so it’s aesthetically pleasing, with the necessary room to move about, will make your man cave the best on the block.

Step 7: Relax & enjoy. Invite the boys over for pool or to watch the big game. Show off your amazing handiwork and rake in the compliments.

Having trouble finding your inspiration? Take a look at these mantastic man caves to get the juices flowing.


The log cabin inspired man cave, for the hunter.


Your favorite football team man cave, for the football fanatic.


The rustic, wooden man cave, for the sophisticated man.


The Harley Davidson man cave, for the motorcycle enthusiast.


The PGA man cave, for the golf lover.


Your favorite basketball team man cave, to show them you’re a real fan!


The gamers man cave, for the men who love toys.

This will probably be one of the most fun projects you will ever do, a room just for you and your hobbies. Be sure to enjoy the process and the gloating afterward! Hey, if your friends get jealous, you can simply point them to this page and they can create their own man caves. Enjoy!

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